Tips and Tricks To Deal With Your Anxiety and Stress Around Your Wedding

           You have found your love, you are getting married and you are very, very happy. Everything seems perfect but the thought that your whole life is going to change after this wedding is sufficient to make you stressed or anxious before the wedding. All the wedding planning, photographers, caterers, venue, and other planning have kept you busy but now that everything is set for the big day, you feel like “that’s it. We are going to get married”. No matter how many people say, “it’s okay, it happens”, nothing can soothe you. So, here are some tips to deal with your anxiety and stress before your wedding.

It is your wedding day; you should be happy and relaxed and not stressed-out and anxious. But it happens. Being anxious about things is a part of life. If you can deal with your anxiety attacks on your own, it’s good but if they are too much to handle, you should get a professional to help you. Refer to these tips and tricks to deal with your anxiety and have some fun on your big day.

The first thing that helps you to get relieved from any worries is to hire some professionals to look after every detail. A wedding planner can be a great choice who takes responsibility to the smallest detail as the fork size on the tables and biggest as your wedding reception. You can go over things with them and get assured that everything will be perfect. If you still feel stressed out, here you go.


Anticipate your anxiety

There are some triggers for everyone which makes them feel anxious. For someone, a large room full of people can be a trigger point or their first dance or some sort of tradition. You must realize what can trigger your anxiety and how you can deal with it. If possible, skip it entirely. Though it is a temporary solution but it can be helpful. After all, you don’t want to faint while walking down the aisle due to stress, do you?

Be decisive

You can go over small things again and again and never get on the same page as your partner. It makes you nearing your deadlines without doing much which stresses you. Be decisive. It is the only solution. Do not keep comparing things and leaving them for another day just because you cannot decide. Fix a deadline, take some help, make decisions, and move on. Don’t keep running in circles.

Do not compare your wedding to anyone else’s

When you are all set for your wedding but you are reminded of a particular setting at a friend’s reception or flower choice at your colleague’s wedding, just take a deep breath and say this to yourself, “this is my wedding and I want it to be unique and different from anyone else’s”. Believe in it and do not let anyone spoil your day by saying unnecessary things. This comparison can steal away your joy or you may start thinking less of your planning. You are special, unique, and different and therefore, your wedding setting is different from others. Do not let a distant cousin or old uncle spoil your mood. Just change the subject and move on.

avoid stress while planning your wedding

Be honest with your finances

Budget plays a very important matter when it comes to the wedding. Whether you are having an intimate ceremony or a ballroom kind of wedding full of 1000 guests you don’t even know, money is a matter that causes several couples to get crease on their foreheads. But remember, all you need is the registration fee to get married, rest is your choice. You can cut it down or spend more than planned, it is totally up to you. But always set aside a wide contingency of at least 15% of your budget. The best way is to plan a wedding that you can afford. Do not let financial worries keep you awake during nights or give you nightmares.

Forget the planning

Really. It takes months to plan a dream wedding and talking to a wedding planner, photographer, caterer, family, and friends can be very tiring. Why won’t you feel stressed-out after all this? So, take out some time for yourself and forget that you have a wedding to plan. Go on a  date with your fiancé (don’t talk wedding), take a bubble bath while listening to your favorite songs, read a book, bake some cookies, dance a little and forget about the emails popping on your phone screen, voicemails you are receiving and questions you need to answer. You are a person who is going to get married and not a wedding-planner, right? So, enjoy it.

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What if you were getting married a month earlier?

Oops! Got you tensed? Don’t worry. You are not. But when you plan your wedding, set the timelines as if you are getting married a month earlier. It will help you to be on top of your planning without being stressed-out near your wedding day. Be it your menu choices, bathroom basket or table plan, make sure that everything is done in advance, so that you can enjoy your last bachelor days having fun and nor running store to store.

Get rid of the bugging questions

It is not easy. You know one thing. Men do not bug much. They know they are going to attend the wedding and that’s fine with them. The problem is with the ladies who want to know what flower color did you choose, how is your wedding dress, have you not invited the children, what are the accommodation rates, what time has been scheduled for the wedding, how many people have you invited and all. And no matter, what you have to answer these questions. So, why not provide your guests with answers to all the questions beforehand. A wedding website will be great for it. You can put all the answers to all the possible questions in one place. You will still receive the calls but at least you can simply guide them to your website instead of answering the same questions again and again.

Know that you are beautiful

Remember, you are beautiful with a hot figure, great hair, great eyes, great smile and you are someone to die for. For many couples, the main reason that causes anxiety is how they look on their wedding day. It’s your big day and you need some pampering of course. Whether you are curvy or skinny, have curly hair or straight ones, your partner has not chosen you because of your looks but because of who you are as a person. So, do not get worried about your looks on your wedding day. You will never find a couple who does not look like a hot couple from those glossy wedding magazines. You are loved, you are getting married and that feeling alone makes you glow up from the inside that you need not worry about anything else.

If you still feel like you need some cheering up, just look in the mirror and say, “I am beautiful”. Saying it multiple times will make you realize that it is actually true.

Do not get involved in unnecessary stuff

There can be issues that certainly suck up all your energy. Your bridesmaid is worried over her hairstyle, your mother-in-law does not like the color of her dress chosen for the bridal party, your best man is not agreeing to certain things, these are the things that keep going on and as the bride or groom, you are always asked to resolve the issue. You know you deserve so much more than just a marriage certificate. But remember one thing, they are grown-ups and they can deal with these issues on their own and you will still get married no matter they stand by your side or not. You do not need to get involved in this unnecessary drama. Listen to them, share your viewpoint, take their suggestion, and do what you can. But let them decide things on their own.

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You do not need to pretend to be anxious

It is not your responsibility to feel anxious or stressed-out. If you are taking things lightly and not worried about a thing, it’s good, isn’t it? Some couples think that they are supposed to be stressed-out or anxious even when they are not. But, you don’t need to. Enjoy the planning process, let the butterflies tickle you, and just wait for the wedding day. This is your day, you are getting married so, go and have the best day of your life.

Do not let small things hold you back

Once a couple has got married, they only advice to not let small things hold you back. Because they have already experienced it, they know it that the centerpiece or the plates do not matter when you look into your partner’s eyes during your first dance or when you realize the next day that whoa! You got married. During the planning, these little things can make you panic, but just ask yourself, “are these the things that actually matter or the fact that it is my day, and I am supposed to enjoy it, rather thinking about the napkins”.

Delegate and mean it

You do not trust anyone with a task when it’s your wedding you are planning. Remember, you cannot manage everything on your own. You can delegate some of the tasks to your friends or some trusted family members. But, when you delegate, mean it. Do not check up on them every five minutes. Let them do it and only interfere when it is asked of you.

Plan it with your partner

You two are getting married, then why only one of you has taken all the responsibility of the planning? It happens. One of the bride and groom takes all the responsibility and then the pre-wedding anxiety kicks in. The only solution is to divide the to-do-list between you two and play an equal role in the planning. No one should be the boss of it. Half the work, half the list, half the anxiety, and fully enjoyable planning process. Take out some time, discuss things, take each other’s input on important decisions, and find an excuse to spend some time together even during this planning time.

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Having a meltdown is okay

As the day gets nearer, the anxiety increases. Many people experience a meltdown like a sobbing call to parents, an argument with their partner, an unnecessary rant among friends, or a panic attack. It is quite normal to experience such things. And, if you have emotions filled up to your throat, just spit them out. You are overwhelmed, want to talk someone, open up about what you feel, and cry a little, just do it. You will definitely feel better. When your mind is boiling due to a reason, just avoid people.

Get some help

Even after all these tips and tricks, you feel like you are going to faint on your wedding day, it is better to take some professional help. Many couples attend to couple’s therapy in order to identify their trigger points and find ways to deal with them. Your relationship is undergoing massive changes and you want the road to be super smooth. Finding a good therapist can help you with it.

Final Words

You are not a wedding planner. It is your own wedding you are planning. You are supposed to enjoy the process and not shed tears silently in a corner feeling that how you are going to handle all this. If you think, you cannot handle it all, the best way is to elope. How many people attend your wedding, what is the menu of your reception dinner, what is the color of flowers, you can get married without all these things. You and your partner are enough. Do not think about letting down your friends, family or relatives but do what is right for you. Good Luck!