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Is wedding on your cards?

Want to get married in Ireland but unsure on how to go about it?

Choosing Ireland for your destination wedding?

You are on the right page!

Ireland is a beautiful country with fantastic landscapes and mind blowing picturesque views. The country is preferred by couples from across the globe, in particular over the moon brides, as their wedding destination for the beauty and environment it offers.

Ireland is a welcoming country with warm, friendly people and lovely climate. Getting married here is the dream of millions of couples. The nature here is in full form making the place an absolute heaven!

It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a ballroom reception or a rustic castle traditional wedding; Ireland offers scope for every kind of wedding. Brides in particular love the country for the charm and natural beauty it offers. Ireland can indeed offer everything required to make your big day an impressive one.

This article tells you why Ireland is the preferred destination for weddings and all about wedding planners in the country.

Why Ireland is a great place to get married:

  • Ireland offers a great countryside with old and beautiful castles that have transformed into star hotels. You can book accommodations for your guests here or arrange your wedding reception at the castle to make your wedding one of a kind. The backdrop of several such castles comes with beautiful scenery, with waters and greenery providing a fresh, cool and pleasing environment for the occasion.
  • Ireland has a comfortable and pleasing climate that can make a perfect honeymoon destination. After your wedding, you can continue staying in Ireland for your honeymoon. Start your new journey together at one of the most historical places on Earth! It is sure to be nostalgic!!
  • Irish cuisine is extraordinary. It is unique when compared to French or Italian cuisine but take note; restaurants here prefer to offer traditional cuisine to all its visitors. You can include Irish delicacies in your wedding menu; your guests will just fall for it!
  • The extensive sandy beaches, the mesmerizing hills, the cliffs and castles are hard to resist. They make the destination distinct, offering charming and lovely sights at each step you take. Do you want more reasons?

If you have made up your mind to get married in Ireland, you have a great taste! You have made the right choice. Just go ahead and find a wedding planner to make your big day unforgettable. It doesn’t matter whether you are from Ireland living abroad or any foreign national; an expert wedding planner is the go-to person to ensure everything goes right on your day.

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Reasons to hire a wedding planner in Ireland for your wedding

A wedding planner can provide bespoke packages

A wedding planner knows how to organize your wedding best. He understands your budgets and any other constraints and plans things accordingly. He might also make suggestions to help you save on unnecessary expenditure. As an industry expert, he knows what is required and what not. He makes arrangements and adjustments according to your budget and taste so that there are no compromises to be made or regrets later on.

There are several packages offered by Irish wedding planners however you can sit and have a detailed talk with your planner to work out a customized one.

A wedding planner will make sure everything is in order

An Irish wedding planner is different from a vendor. While vendors might be dealing with several couples that have their wedding on the same day, a wedding planner is committed only to your wedding. In other words, he entirely focuses on your day. He organizes everything; right from your wedding venue to food, decoration, outfits, make-up and travel arrangements. Apart from these services, he will also make sure you get all the approvals from the legal and local Irish bodies.

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A wedding planner Ireland can make you relaxed

Planning for a wedding is a tedious task, especially if you have a great guest list or plan a destination wedding. However with a wedding planner by your side, you will feel relaxed. Just let him know about your vision and focus on other tasks; he will take care.

The Irish planner will get in touch with you and ask your opinions as and when he progresses with the arrangement. You will be required to do several rounds of talks with him to make sure everything is going as planned.

A planner can get you discounts

When you approach Irish vendors as a bride or a couple, you cannot expect discounts but a wedding planner can get you discounts. He will have contacts and access to all wedding vendors in Ireland. Over the years he would have built credible relationships with several vendors out there and can hire them for a better price. He can pass on that benefit to you. So you can avail services at a far lesser price that would without the wedding planner have cost you astonishingly more; this way you are benefitting from professional services besides attractive discounts.

A wedding planner can organize just whatever you want

Ireland, as said earlier is a beautiful country. You can get married traditionally in a church and later hold your reception ceremony in a star castle to experience unique. You can even get a photo shoot done on the stunning beaches and countryside grassy hills. An Irish wedding planner can organize all these to make your day fulfilling. He does not restrict his services to a single venue or a few services. He will go full length to ensure your big day goes just the way you wanted.

Right from helping you book the space to guiding you through the honeymoon packages in Ireland, a wedding planner comes in handy for all your wedding needs. Just research on them to find the best one that suits your requirement.

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Wedding planners Ireland

When it comes to wedding planning, it is a known fact that it is never going to be easy. It requires a lot of patience and dedicated efforts to put things in place. Wedding is a big day in one’s life and making it memorable would definitely be the priority. Here’s where wedding planners come into play.

There are several wedding planners in Ireland that are reputed and highly professional. In fact, if you are looking for a wedding planner Ireland, you will be spoilt for choice! They are all over the place and excel in providing several services required for your wedding. Wedding planners here in fact can customize services and make your big day stress free.

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Here is a list of wedding planners in Ireland that you can consider booking for your wedding:

Petal and Twine

Gabi is the founder and creative director of Petal and Twine. She is into this industry for over a decade now and has a rich experience in styling and organizing. She loves calligraphy, flowers, colours, textures and tones.

The firm provides wedding planning and styling services. Petal and Twine specializes in boutique, small weddings and elopement weddings. The creative team here boasts of creating romantic and extraordinary weddings that can bring alive visions and dreams of couples.

  • The firm caters to clients in Ireland and across Europe. They think out of the box to align the wedding look and events with the personality and character of the bride and the groom.
  • The team at Petal and Twine has designers and organizers that are born lovers of nature and seasons. They offer to provide artistic and authentic services that are nothing short of the best.
  • At Petal and Twine, you can get your visions transformed into reality. The fashion enthusiasts here make sure it happens.
  • Based in Cork, Ireland, this wedding planning agency can make the ideal choice for brides/grooms looking to make their wedding a remarkable one.
  • The team is creative to the core and provides clients flexible and bespoke wedding planning services.
  • Another notable feature of this team is their keenness to build long standing relationships with their clients. A personalized approach, affordable prices and friendly conversations with clients make Petal and Twine truly amazing.
  • They are great co-ordinators, negotiators and highly creative.

Your wedding is the day when you need to enjoy every moment. It is the day when your childhood and teenage dreams come true. It is the day when you start a new journey with your love. So don’t you want it to be the best and an unforgettable one? However it is not possible unless you have a caretaker by your side. This is why you will need a wedding planner Ireland.

There is no lack of wedding planners in Ireland. However not all of them come with the skills and expertise required. The above mentioned Irish wedding planners are, according to their clients and industry insiders, great organizers and co-ordinators that can plan and execute weddings of any range.

You need not always have a lavish wedding to experience the magic; with a passionate wedding planner Ireland at your service, you can plan a simple yet pleasurable wedding for your guests. Wedding planners Ireland have earned compliments worldwide. They are hard working and true to the promises made to their clients.

Waterlily Weddings

This is a team of wedding planners that is interested in nothing but making dreams of brides and bridegrooms come true. This wedding planning agency offers services that are extremely extraordinary to provide its clients the best. Their work quality has been appreciated in some of the reputed wedding magazines in Ireland.

Waterlily Weddings plan, advice and execute all the details pertaining to your wedding. The ultimate goal of the team here is to enable you enjoy your day with peace of mind. It doesn’t matter whether you have 6 months or 6 weeks left until your wedding; the expert planners can take on confidently and make sure all vendors are contacted and booked.

The wedding planning team at Waterlily Weddings sit with you to discuss in detail about your wedding. The team then helps you shortlist all the professionals required such as make-up artists, flower vendors, caterers and more. They ensure to be by your side at every step, until you finish making payments to all those vendors after your wedding. Ultimately you will be kept at ease and the job executed professionally.

Waterlily Weddings also provide style and design services for couples looking for a bespoke wedding planning. At the company, you can look into aligning each service with your vision. You can seek their help in choosing cakes, wedding outfits or even invitations. They promise to cater to each and every service relating to your dream wedding. The design service is like a sub service that has been seamlessly integrated into the wedding planning services of Waterlily Weddings.

Their process goes like this:

  • First and foremost a consultation is arranged to understand your likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences so that things can be organized accordingly.
  • A style proposal is crafted and sent to you. The proposal will contain details on how your wedding will be planned and look like.
  • Each proposal is made unique to suit the client’s taste and budget. The team at Waterlily Weddings does not believe in one-size-fits-all approach. You can review and provide feedback on the same; your opinions will be greatly considered and changes incorporated the way you desire.
  • Then a wedding brief will be prepared that includes more details of your wedding including describing pictures, notes and other relevant information.
  • Their full service styling package is a wonderful plan designed to offer couples the ultimate. It includes more revisions of wedding brief, vendor sourcing and management, advice on design and decor along with styling services on the actual day of your wedding.

Couples looking to getting married in this historical and marvellous country can get in touch with Waterlily Weddings for efficient planning of their wedding. Their profile speaks only the best. Hiring this team, according to their client reviews can be the right start to your new journey. They are the best bet if you have the least idea about wedding planning.

House of Hannah

This is an event coordination company that is passionate about organizing unique weddings. Lindsay Moynagh, creative director at House of Hannah comes with a rich experience in the wedding industry and has the potential to plan, organize and design events and things to finally create a memorable wedding for the couples. The agency takes pride in providing distinct and quality services.

House of Hannah provides destination wedding planning services as well. Their full service wedding package is perfect for you if your job gives you a very busy schedule. This plan also is ideal if you are living abroad but plan to get married in Ireland. The package covers all the services a wedding requires such as:

  • Consultation for unlimited number of hours
  • Assistance in short listing and booking wedding venue
  • Guidance through the entire legal processes involved
  • Bespoke budget management
  • Administration management
  • Vendor selection and negotiation; help with signing contracts
  • Point of contact for vendors involved in your wedding arrangements
  • Plan vendor appointment schedule and vendor payment; attend meetings with vendors if you don’t find time
  • Create a master list with timelines and ensure everything goes as planned
  • Scheduling events on your big day

You can also book an elopement to Ireland if you want your wedding to be as distinct as your personality. This package will cover makeup and photography as well along with travel arrangements.

The owner of this wedding planning agency also co-owns an online magazine exclusively for destination weddings called ‘Fly Away Bride’. The team at House of Hannah is going places, planning and organizing wedding events in France and Italy as well.

Committed to organic design and with a keen interest in weddings, there can be no better reason for this team to start this business. Their work has been recognized both in Ireland and outside of the country. They have been admired and appreciated for their work and feature on notable wedding magazines.

So whether you are looking for some assistance for your wedding planning or want a full-fledged wedding planning service, House of Hannah can top the list. Their services are said to be reliable and service quality, unmatched for. Couples from across Ireland, Europe and other countries have hired House of Hannah and experienced a splendid wedding. The agency also claims to prioritize customer satisfaction. This makes them stand out from the rest.

If you are a bride living in Ireland or a couple planning for a destination wedding in Ireland, House of Hannah can be the ideal choice. The wedding planners here come with core competencies and with an expertise that is hard to find anywhere else.

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