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                “I spent 7 months looking for a wedding photographer so I wanted to save other b2b the same hassle and give them a heads start. I genuinely couldnt be happier with our photographer, we got married on New Years eve; Pawel had our photos out to us before we got back from our honeymoon (less than three weeks, fully edited on a usb in both high and low resolution so we can email them etc)!

              He really was amazing on the day, Im very nervous in front of the camera but he just put me completely at ease, he is a really lovely man and you have to remember you spend nearly more time with the photographer then you do with your new husband so you need someone who you feel comfortable with. I only looked at female photographers to start with because I didnt know if Id feel happy with a male photographer. I wanted to have photos of getting into the dress and all that entails and I wasnt sure Id do that in front of a male photographer, but when I stumbled onto Pawels website I had to meet him.  His eye for detail is outstanding our photos capture every second of our day & as a few people couldnt make the day showing them the photos theyve said they feel they were there as every tiny detail is caught on camera.

Pawel was a massive part of our day and we got someone to take a picture of us with Pawel, were going to have it as the last photo in our album. The wedding only lasted a day but what Pawel has given us will last forever, over 1000 beautiful shots that capture the happiest day day of our lives. We will be eternally grateful. Hope this helps future b2b”   


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Wedding photography Investment

                 Investing in your wedding photos is not just to have pictures hanging on the wall; it is moments of a big day that will be cherished in the years to come. From the first look to the dance of the evening, you want to be able to look back on your wedding day with clear pictures that capture the love surrounding you in each one. I have learned the art of alternative photos that take a documentary approach. I seek the moments that feel natural, honest, and true. I seek to work in the background for photography that reflects artistic style with powerful emotion.

Iam excited to produce unique and incredible experience for you.

The main focus lies on allowing you to enjoy your special day, while also having great photographs of theirs being clicked while they are having the fun of their wedding.

The imperfect realities of life, with the tear and the nervous look, or the windswept hair, the occasional rain or a stolen glance at your lover are the elements that make up the essence of my photographs. Creating emotions that are authentic and not pre-meditated is what makes my wedding photographs stand out.

Your wedding photography should not be stealing you away from the delight of the day,  but rather should be  something  that  adds  value  to it.


Are you interested in my style of photography, but aren’t sure about your investment?

Most of my dates are booked a year in advance, with only a limited number of weddings each year. Do not hesitate to reach out to learn more about pricing packages and availability.

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