The Unplugged Wedding

In this modern age, we are all quite attached to our mobile devices. While there are many pros to having smartphones and technology, we also need to learn when to switch off and just enjoy the moment. This brings me to a new wedding trend – the “unplugged wedding”.

What is an unplugged wedding you ask?

It’s simply unplugging from the world of technology and letting me, the photographer, do what I do best. How many fabulous moments are lost by fiddling with phones and capturing memories through a screen rather than being totally present and capturing memories through your own eyes and emotions? We have plenty of time during our everyday lives to live through our screens, so I encourage you to leave your screens off during special moments and occasions where presence is more important.

There are a few more reasons why I would encourage an unplugged wedding apart from the above mentioned, more obvious reason. Let’s have a look at some of these, in order for you to make the best decision for your big day.

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The Bride & The Groom

The bridal couple should be the main focus of the entire day, but capturing the bride as she enters the ceremony venue and takes her first steps down the aisle is one of the most profound moments for a photographer. As the bride you would want the very best images to be captured of this once in a lifetime moment, there are no second takes. The very same applies to the “just married” photographs as the newly weds make their way out of the venue. Guests leaning into the aisle to try to capture their own images can ruin a lot of professional photographs.

..Let’s face it, a photo of the blushing bride with her guests faces covered by their phones, does not make for photographic memories that make the wall display one day.

Put down your devices and enjoy this special moment in real life.

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The Big Reveal

        Social media is a huge thing in most people’s lives these days, and you can be sure that your wedding photos will make their way onto a social media platform one way or another. Would you not prefer your first photos shared to “the world” of social media to be beautiful professional ones that you have paid for? Instead, a lot of couples have their first images as husband and wife shared without their consent, which are more often than not, poor quality and taken at bad angles. There is a massive build up to any wedding, and also to seeing the stunning images you have dreamed about being captured. Instead of adding an anticlimax to your wedding with poor smartphone photos, share your own first images with beautiful professional photos that will be cherished and that you are proud to share.

It is ok to ask your guests to not share photos on social media, but having an unplugged wedding means that there is less chance of these photos being taken.

A Happy Medium

I know that for many of the excited family and friends, taking photos is part of remembering and enjoying the event. My advice would be to ask your guests to keep their devices safely in their bags and pockets for the ceremony, and enjoy the wedding ceremony being in the present and allowing the photographer to capture the moments of awe. Once the ceremony is over and the photographer has had a chance to capture the bridal couple, by all means, snap away! The wedding reception is often more relaxed and time for everyone to let loose. This is the time where fun photos can be taken by friends and family, as well as by your photographer. If your guests are asked in advance to keep their phones down, followed by your reasons, they really shouldn’t have a problem with your decision.

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Happily Ever After

At the end of the day, it’s your decision as a couple whether or not you would like to have an unplugged wedding or not.

Your decision should be respected by everyone attending your wedding.

I personally think it’s an awesome way for friends and family to really be in the moment and not distracted by their phones. It’s a way that your guests will fully enjoy every moment with you and remember it better than if they were capturing it through a screen. Your wedding photos will be filled with people you love, being present and enjoying every moment, instead of accidental photobombs and reflections of the many smartphone screens.

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