Trudder Lodge As  A Wedding Venue

           Trudder Lodge is one of my favourite places to recommend for wedding venues for a lot of reasons. A lot of people today are always on the lookout for private venues where they can have some measure of exclusivity during their wedding. Well, if you are in that category, Trudder Lodge is absolutely perfect for you. This beautiful medieval structure is a private-hire estate that provides you with so much space that you can have all the celebrations and parties that you want without worrying about intrusions.

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Here are some of my best reasons why I recommend Trudder Lodge to couples looking for an exclusive wedding venue for the most important day of your life.

  1. Absolutely stunning grounds

Trudder Lodge is so beautiful that your wedding pictures will turn out amazing. There are so many angles to capture from the open lawns to the woodsy pathways and the stunning walled gardens for your wedding portraits. I have a lot of pictures from Trudder Lodge, so you can easily see for yourself.

  1. Exclusive location

You simple hire the whole estate for the time you are going to need it for and you don’t have to worry about another group messing up your activities. I love being able to plan wedding photoshoots here as there is minimal disturbance and enough room to get really creative with your photos.

  1. Easy Transit

Trudder Lodge is located close to everywhere. Because it is so popular, you simply cannot get lost on your way there and all your guests can easily find it no matter where they are coming from. The convenient location means that you can get to the airport early enough for your flights after the wedding ceremony is over.

  1. Convenient accommodation

Now this is really important for any wedding venue. When you choose Trudder Lodge as your wedding venue, you not only get a picturesque wedding venue, it also provides you with up to five rooms where you can lodge during your party. This is pretty cool because it helps you with planning and reduces the amount of transit you would have to do. I particularly like the fact that there are so many lodges around the location where your wedding guest can stay.

I’ve hardly seen a couple that didn’t enjoy choosing Trudder Lodge as their wedding venue. You also enjoy benefits like no corkage fees so you can bring your own wine and save money. You can make your choice of décor, draperies and decorations to make your wedding look exactly how you imagined it.

Of course, you can bet that I will be there to capture the most beautiful memories of your special day that you and your partner will love for a lifetime.