A Few Tips to Have A Fun And Relaxed Wedding Day

A Few Tips to Have A Fun And Relaxed Wedding Day 1

          Once your engagement is announced and you have passed that celebrating phase, you need to get serious as there is a lot of planning ahead. And, if you are not employing a wedding coordinator, the whole burden falls on you. While choosing the flower colors, cake-tasting, wedding-dress shopping, etc. you cannot forget to enjoy this time.

This planning carries on until your wedding day. You expect your day to be perfect but you do not want your photographer to capture you fuming over something. It is your day, the day you have dreamt for all your life, the day you have made so many plans for and thus, you deserve to truly enjoy your wedding day.

Here are some tips to have a fun wedding day

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Don’t leave anything for the last day

Make sure that all your shopping for shoes, accessories, dresses, bridesmaid dresses, etc is done on time. Your hairstylist and makeup artist are all set. It is better to make a wedding day schedule so that everything is planned and you are not stressed out.

Plan your wedding day

Enjoy your bachelorette party hard but do make sure that it is not arranged right before your wedding night. You need to sleep on time so that you can wake up refreshed. Also, eat a good breakfast as you cannot afford to pass out with weakness or stress on your big day. If you are refreshed and well-fed, you will glow and will enjoy your day to the fullest.

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Discuss your partner’s plan

Men will be men. It is important to discuss your plan of the day with each other so that you are aware of each other’s schedule and can help in case of emergency as the probability is very high that guys will mess up even though they do not need to sit down for makeup for hours.

Getting-ready timeline

It is imperative to make a getting-ready timeline and check out how much time you can allot for each bridesmaid, bride and groom’s mother and the bride herself. As a bride, you need to have plenty of time to get ready. You need to enjoy this time with your bridesmaids without any stress. There will be a getting-ready photo shoot for sure. You need to look happy and relaxed in them, right?

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Delegate your work

It is your day. You should enjoy yourself. If you think there is something which is needed to be done, you can ask your bridesmaids to get it done. Getting yourself stressed over petty issues isn’t good. Do ask your bridesmaid to pack an emergency kit or a wedding survival kit to deal with minor emergencies.

Spend time with your photographer

A wedding photographer who can capture your beautiful moments with perfection is a must. As once the day is over, all you will have will be your photographs. So, choose a photographer whose style matches your plans. Discuss your preferences openly. Once they have an idea about what do you want and the timing is discussed, you do not need to have worry about your photographs. Bring your effort. The results are You plus photographer skills.

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Let things go

You are not supposed to have cordial relations with everyone in the family. There will be some relatives in your family like an old uncle or a distant cousin who has a habit of saying the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times. Let their stuff pass today. You do not want to spoil your mood with something which does not matter for anyone else. Some things might not be perfect.. let it pass. Come on, enjoy, it’s your wedding day!

Spend time with your loved ones

Instead of getting involved in senseless chats, spend time with your parents. It is such an amazing day for them as well, watching you getting married, finding your true love. The time spent with both your families will make the best memories for the day.


Make time for each other

With hundreds of guests to attend and a jam-packed schedule to deal with, do spend some quiet meaningful moments with your partner who you have promised to spend the rest of your life with. It is your day and you both need to have some fun-filled moments with just one another.

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           A fun and relaxed wedding is not a dream even without a wedding coordinator. You are getting started on a new journey of your life and you would prefer to start it with a fun-filled and relaxed heart. These simple tips will make sure that your wedding day becomes the most enjoyable and most memorable day of your life. Good Luck!

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