Tips to DO perfect wedding sparklers photos

Have you been obsessing over the most perfect wedding sparkler exit photos on Pinterest or wedding blogs? You know, the photos that have beautiful sparkler fire in the night sky, all of the guests look sober and perfectly posed, everyone’s looking at the camera, smiling and the Bride & Groom look like models ready for a magazine cover. Ever wondered how so many photographers can get that “perfect” sparkler exit photo without someone catching on fire?

It’s true it seems like these photos are popping up everywhere! And I have to admit, I LOVE them too but it takes some planning and coordinating to get great exit photos.

But believe me when I say, a “perfect” sparkler photo is a fantasy of grand proportions!


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In reality, a sparkler photo is 



But I get it! The sparkler photos are great! They capture such an amazing view of real emotions, the sparkler fire twinkles against the dark sky and the Bride pops out of the photo in her white dress.

In this blog I share my tips & tricks to shooting successful sparkler images, warning you about what can (and does) go wrong, and let you in on the hilarious reality of it before your big day.

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Follow these tips to master your wedding sparkler exit.

Timing Is Everything – Darkness Is Key!

To get the maximum effect, sparkler shots need to be taken at least 30 minutes after sunset so it’s dark outside.

Winter weddings it’s pitch black from 4:30pm, but when you’re getting married on 21st June, the longest day of the year, this could mean your sparkler exit isn’t happening until 10:30 pm. By this time your guests are more than slightly plastered and no one wants to leave the dancefloor (or their drink). Make sure to consult with your photographer (ME ;)) before the wedding day. This may require that the photographer stay longer than usual so make sure to discuss it upfront.

Size Does Matter! Get The BIG ONES

Don’t buy the regular, little sparklers that kids use on New Years Eve – make sure the sparklers you are ordering are LONG. You want them to stay lit for a while so your photographer doesn’t panic when they realise everyone’s sparkler is dying before you light yours.

You can find sparklers here:

 Size does matter here. 14”, 16” or 18” are best!

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This tip is something most would overlook but it so important. On your wedding day time will fly by, in a blink of an eye it will be time for your exit. The last thing you want is all your friends and family standing around getting annoyed because the packages of sparklers have to be unpacked and distributed. So, make it easy for them and plan ahead! Ask your wedding coordinator to remove them from the package in the morning and place them in a standing container for your guests to grab. But don’t get too crazy! Don’t unpack them the day before. Unpacking them to early could mean they get damp or accidentally ignite.

Light It Up

This is probably my absolute TOP TIP when it comes to arranging successful sparkler shots – BRING LOADS OF LIGHTERS. There aren’t as many smokers these days, so you’re going to get nowhere asking the guests to borrow their lighters. You can buy packages that have 10 lighters. My suggestions, pick up at least five 10-packs! It may seem like a waste of money as you might not use them again, but hey, if you want gorgeous, photographic memories that will last a lifetime you have to be prepared.


You don’t need hundreds of people for a sparkler exit photo to look amazing. If you want all of your guests to be involved find a moment and ask your band or DJ to make an announcement that sparklers will be happening just outside.

As long as you head straight out there, people WILL follow.

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Safety First

Introducing drunk people to fire could cause disasters! It is very easy for someone to get burned, hair caught on fire, holes burned in dresses or suits. We have even heard stories of people burning their tongues doing stupid things like putting the sparkler out in their mouth. (Hard to believe I know! But yes, these things do happen)

Safety is important when arranging the sparkler shot of your dreams.


  • Don’t hold sparklers in your teeth thinking it is cool. You will get burned.
  • Don’t store sparklers anywhere they can catch fire
  • Don’t grab the hot end of the sparkler once it’s gone out
  • Keep sparklers in a tin bucket. If they do ignite they won’t burn anything around them
  • Have a second bucket filled with sand or water to put the used sparklers in
  • Keep safe distance between guests holding sparklers (don’t want to the set neighbor’s hair on fire)
  • Keep an eye on where other guests are holding THEIR sparklers!
  • Don’t let children have sparklers.
  • Don’t grab the hot end of the sparkler once it’s gone out

That’s the low down, all my tips!

You are ready to rock your wedding & get the perfect sparkler photo!

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