A Love Story By The Sea – Tinakilly House wedding

A love story blossomed next to the sea, with Alice and Dave as the main leads. Their affair started off as nothing spectacular, as they were introduced to each other by a pair of siblings, who were their mutual friends. However, a decade down the line, they are now deeply in love with each other, with no plans to look away, anytime soon. As all the great love stories go, the romance of Alice and Dave withstood the test of time, culminating in a fruitful, blossoming tale of love, something to narrate to their grandchildren, years down the line.


The Proposal

After dating each other for a fairly long time, Alice and Dave decided to go on a holiday to Kerry. One day, Alice states, when the couple was walking on the beach, Dave ‘disappeared’ into the bushes, and emerged with a picnic basket. At the time, Alice assumed that the basket meant that they were to have a picnic by the beach. However, Dave pulled out a huge fake ring from the basket, and proposed to Alice, who immediately said yes. A week later, they bought a real ring from Antwerp. Since that day, neither the couple has looked back, nor has their love.

The Wedding Location

For the couple, choosing a wedding location was not difficult, as they both lived near the location, and were always in love with it. Tinakilly House is a short, forty minute drive from the Dublin. A restored county manor, Tinakilly House is a four star hotel dotted on both sides by a resplendence of Oak trees, overlooking the beautiful and picturesque Irish Sea. The Houseis a perfect mixture of the old and new, combining the luxuries, comforts and conveniences of the modern world, with the old world charm of an old- timey manor with lush, sprawling, and beautiful gardens.

Personalise Your Wedding

The Tinakilly House has an abundance of different banquets and halls, especially personalised for the guests that you are inviting. If you are looking at a wedding reception for a hundred people, the Captain Halpin Suite is the one for you. Constructed in the style of Victorian architecture, the suite has a number of French Windows which will flood your day with light and warmth. In addition, you also get a magnificent view of the sea.

The Asgard and the Mizen suites are full of beautiful Italian marble sculptures and cosy fireplaces, overlooking the gardens, and are perfect for dinner parties for up to 35 guests,

The Great Eastern Suite completely overlooks the sea, and can hold up to 220 guests.

So no matter your personal preferences and tastes, you will always find something to suit your conveniences in the Tinakilly House.

The Food and Staff

One of the main things which make Tinakilly House so lovable is their food. The staff especially prepares a mix of modern and traditional food cuisines, so that your guests can savour a variety of dishes. In addition, all their food is served fresh, and most of their vegetables and herbs grown on the grounds. Fish, Beef, and lamb are just some of the few delicacies that you will savour on your wedding day. In addition, the staff of the Hall are always ready and on their toes, and ensure that you have all the comforts necessary to make your special day as memorable as possible.

The Wedding Day

For Alice and Dave, their wedding day was nothing short of magical, a fairy tale ripped right from the books. Everything was perfect, and went on like a dream. For Alice, one of the best moments was when she saw Dave at the altar for the first time. At that moment, everything seemed real to her, that yes, she was getting married to the man of her dreams, the love of her life.

Alice says that brides and grooms should not stress too much about the big day. In the end, everything falls into place. Relax and enjoy the big day, as these are moments that you will treasure and remember for the rest of your life. This entire process is as amazing and brilliant as everyone experiences it to be.

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