The Wedding Should Be Your Best Day Ever, Here Is Couple Who Will Give You The Best Advice

You may know the importance of a good love story! There is nothing more beautiful than two people deeply in love with each other. So here is a love story that will make your day better!

Story of Marie and Michael! They both went to UCC and knew each other as fellow mates, but soon fell for each other after spending a night together chatting all night. But the fate wanted to test them and just the night after falling for each other, Michael shifted to Melbourne for a year. Without even kissing each other for once now they were only emailing and calling each other. After a spending a year missing each other every minute Michael finally came back and they had their first ever date. So romantic right! When people are so scared of long distance relationship these two pulled of long distance so honestly just after knowing each other properly for a night.

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The proposal was on its way. Michael wanted to surprise Marie with a ring on a boat with champagne and a cute picnic basket. But oh lord the fate couldn’t bear it and it rained heavily. The boat was obviously a no at that point. As Marie somehow predicted how upset her love was due to the sudden rain and ruining of the plan she suggested to take a walk. There was the moment when Michael kneeled down in the mud and presented her a ring.

After the proposal there comes the marriage which just want accordingly to their plan with simple decoration, beautiful candles, bridesmaids dresses and mostly importantly all their loves once around. As they both valued their family and friends the most the day became far more important to them. The wedding was also a relax event there were no strong rules being followed, it was their day and they made sure they felt the same. The couple would not want to change even a bit of it. Emily Tankardstown House helped the couple in executing their wedding plans exactly how they wanted along with complimenting the Christmassy feel of the venue very well.

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There were little things that made the wedding so special, the couple wrote their vows on their own that they promise to keep forever, groom’s best friend Daithi was the celebrant of the wedding who did the job perfectly. Their grandparents became the part of the wedding as well with their pictures brought with by the parents of the bride and groom; you can imagine there were blessings all around. Bride’s best friend Muireann played the flute and blessed everyone’s ears. The florist did the best job ever by putting in the best floral display ever. Michael gifted his bride the best gift in form of a picture of the family pet and a beautiful diamond bracelet that complimented the wedding ring perfectly.

The wedding started with the beautiful wedding cards that were water painted by the bride herself and not to forget the silent disco the wedding ended with.

Therefore the happy couple advice you to keep a relax mind while planning your wedding and choose the path that’s perfect for your and not stressing about the wedding rules. Always give your wedding a very personal touch so that you can cherish all your life and the d becomes more close to your heart.As the couple’s heads to the amazing exotic destination for their honeymoons Maldives and Sri Lanka.Along with celebrating a mini honeymoon at te very gorgeous Monart in Wexford followed by the night in Adare Manor.

Marie & Mike – Tankardstown house wedding