A Fairy Tale Come To Life

For Laura and Daniel, love was never about the grand gestures and declarations of “I Love You” or never ending fireworks. It was about subtlety in quiet moments, when they would look for ways to get lost in each other’s eyes in a crowd. Love was a quiet evening, doing nothing but walking hand in hand, taking an evening stroll. It was about a simple message via text, telling the other a simple yet heartfelt “I miss you, and I’m thinking about you.” As far as the two lovebirds were concerned, their wedding had to be a testimony to their unique love story. Quiet, subtle, underwhelming, elegant, yet oh so full of love in every step of the way.

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An Unwarranted Love Story

What drew Laura and Daniel together was their love for spontaneity and adventure. They met four years ago, and sparks flew instantly. Somehow, they just knew that they were meant to be together. As they put it, “We soon realised we wanted to live our lives together.” For the unwarranted, it may seem like this love was yet another act of impulse and spontaneity on their part. But isn’t that what love is? Take a leap of faith together; see if you can ride it out till the end?

The Proposal

After being together for four years, Laura knew that there was a proposal on the way. In fact, she was expecting it. However, she did not expect the way Daniel proposed to her. The proposal took place in a location they would always love to walk around in. Daniel got down on the wet sand to propose to Laura, after keeping the ring a secret for the entirety of the walk. Daniel was afraid to lose the ring in the reeds, but somehow, he knows that this was the perfect location for the two of them to unite forever. And it surely was. Since the proposal, their story has seen only ups and more ups, with no signs of a fall in this rollercoaster of emotions.

For a love story as unique as a quintessential Hollywood romance for a couple who look to be straight out of a fairy tale, Laura and Daniel wanted their wedding to signify everything that their love stands for. They wanted the perfect place which would portray their love, and found it in the form of the Roundwood House.

Roundwood House wedding venue

A historical home perfect for lovers of architecture, the Roundwood House has been described as possessing a “marvellous doll’s house-like quality”. Tucked away in the age old mountains of Slieve Bloom, the place is truly built for a lover of nature and a seeker of adventure. The old building wonder takes you back to the glorious days of the 18th century, when lives were lavish, and hearts tender in love. The old nostalgic architectural style is prevalent in both the outside as well as the inside of the House, with lavish fireplaces, antiquated furniture, and an absence of any modern devices. You surely feel as if you have travelled back in time. The couple talks about their first visit to the Roundwood House, and what made tem fall in love with the place. Laura reminisces about her first visit to the House, stating that as soon as they walked in, they were enveloped with a feeling which could be described as nothing but homely and nostalgic. After meeting with the owners, the couple knew that the House was perfect for their special day.

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