“I got my photos in the post from Pawel this morning and I’m absolutely blown away by them! I feel a little bit overwhelmed, he gave us 1300 photos to choose from and now I’ve no idea how to make an album out of them as each one is absolutely amazing!!! I was also really surprised by how quickly I got the photos considering I’m only barely a week married!

I had a really wonderful day, but there were a few elements that just made the day for me and Pawel was one of these factors! As soon as he came into the house he added a fun and laid-back presence to the chaos and it helped me to really relax and enjoy the morning of the wedding. The best thing today about seeing all the photos was seeing the little elements that I hadn’t noticed him snapping pictures of, there were so many little things he captured that I hadn’t even noticed were happening.

If anyone out there is on the lookout for an alternative photographer who will capture your day in a special way look no further. I honestly can’t recommend Pawel enough, he went above and beyond what I expected of him and the results are just staggering. After the day is done you only have your memories and your photos and I am so glad I trusted Pawel with this important job!!!”


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Investing in your happily ever after with wedding photography that will stand the test of time.

                  Wedding planning can feel overwhelming:  The seating arrangements, the dress, the catering, the location, the cake, the music, the decorations and the wedding photographer prices – all crucial details that can come with a hefty price tag and a great deal of stress. 

With the average cost of a wedding in Ireland teetering around €28,000, the interest in cutting corners to bring down the total cost down is understandable – however, there is one aspect of your wedding where you truly get what you pay for:  The photography.

At the end of the day, your wedding photos are designed to endure the test of time.  Flowers will wilt, dresses will fade, decorations will be thrown away, and food will be composted:  But your wedding photos will be the visual representation of your special day, forever cemented in time.  More so than any other expense, hiring a talented and experienced photographer that shares your vision is the single most important investment you can make for your wedding day.

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Wedding Photography that Tells Your Specific Love Story

so whats the wedding photography ireland costs

In 2020, the average couple will invest between €2,100 and €3,500 in a good wedding photographer. 

Accounting for only 10% of the overall average wedding budget, it can easily be argued that employing the talents of a professional wedding photographer provides the very best return on investment for your special day.  While there are wedding photography options that cost significantly less, it stands to reason that you will get what you pay for – and pay for what you get.  Many clients who choose inexpensive and inexperienced photographers find that they need to hire another photographer for a total reshoot – costing not only time and money, but also the magic of the day.  While reshoots can capture beautiful images, the magic of the wedding day is often lost.

Interviewing, reviewing portfolios, and hiring a professional wedding photographer who is aligned with your vision and aesthetic will not only save time, money, and heartache – it will ensure your wedding day is captured in a non-intrusive, artistic, and beautiful manner.

Three Things That Will Endure: Your Photos, Your Memories, and Your Love

Fifty years from now, your wedding photos will be the only tangible thing that will stand the test of time. 

Your wedding photos will serve has a beautiful reminder of your day, your commitment, and your love for each other.  The memories will flood back with each image and on your Golden Anniversary, you will be able to look back with glee at the young love burning in your eyes. 

Wedding photography is about more than simply taking pictures:  It’s creating eternity. …and your eternity is priceless.

“…I did some amount of research of wedding photographers in Ireland when we started to plan our wedding and was very excited when I saw Pawel’s work and even more excited when I found out he was available on our wedding day! His work is fabulous and the style of his photos are absolutely breathtaking. Working with him was very straight forward and easy and you can count on Pawel 100%! I was amazed by his creativity and his ability to turn our house into a beautiful photography location!”



Addressing the Reason You’re Here

At the end of the day, however, you find yourself reading this page about wedding photography and pricing – and the reason is simple:You have reviewed my work, read about my philosophy, and would like to know how much my services cost. 

Each wedding, each couple, and each event is a special and unique moment in time that carries with it different requirements.  Your wedding day deserves much more than a cookie-cutter photographer, and as such, I simply cannot offer cookie-cutter pricing.  Each wedding is individually evaluated and quoted to ensure you are getting exactly what you are looking for:  Memories to last through eternity.

Please contact me directly to discuss pricing options.  Please include details about your wedding, including:  The date, location, and year.  Please also understand that my availability may be limited due to booking my services out months in advance.   

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