Plan the perfect Winter Wedding

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Winter is the perfect time of year to plan a wedding. If planned correctly, a winter wedding can be one of the most romantic days. Winter weddings are slightly different to summer weddings when it comes to planning. Timing is one of the biggest factors to take into consideration as that affects your entire day. I have put together a list of top tips for the brides who are dreaming of a winter wedding.

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When planning your winter wedding you need to think carefully about what type of wedding you envision. Most winter weddings are set indoors but the outdoors are not totally off limits if that’s what you want. Look for a location that has more than 1 option for your ceremony and reception. Your location should look equally as beautiful in winter as it does in the summer. A great tip is to view your venue a year in advance on the exact date of your wedding so that you can see exactly what it will look like at that time of the year. I would also suggest possibly finding a venue that you would have both your ceremony and reception at to avoid your guests traveling through snow, rain or bad weather. If your venue doesn’t have the ceremony venue you want, try to look for one that is relatively close by.

Timing is Crucial

When planning your winter wedding, there is no room for bad timing. TIME IS EVERYHTING IN WINTER WEDDINGS, The more time you waste, the less time you have for your wedding photos. Depending on your location, the sun sets much earlier than on summer days. While winter sunsets can provide the most beautiful photos, the window of opportunity is very small. I suggest that your wedding ceremony is no later than 1:30pm and is kept as short as possible without being rushed (this is still an important part of your special day). Both the bride and the groom need to ensure that they are running on time for the ceremony so that no unnecessary time is wasted. Have your family photos taken first so that your guests can keep warm indoors while you have your couple photos as the sun sets. Ask guests to greet you inside the reception venue after your photos have been taken to avoid wasting time and getting cold as you leave the chapel.

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Keep Warm

Plan ahead of time for you to be stylishly warm. Ensure that you have a lovely fur shrug or pashmina that matches your dress. Capes are another trendy wedding item these days and look gorgeous in photos. Make sure that you think of your bridesmaids too, the last thing you want is your bridal party freezing their heels off on your wedding day. Even if your ceremony and reception is located indoors, your photos will be taken outdoors and you need to be prepared for the cold winter air. Have a change of shoes for after your ceremony, you don’t want to have literal cold feet on your wedding day. Fireplaces, candles and heaters all add to the romantic atmosphere and warmth of your day.

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Have a Backup Plan

In Ireland the weather can get pretty nasty in the winter months, have a backup plan in case of snow, rain or wind. Make sure that your venue, no matter where in the world, is equipped to deal with cold weather in order to make sure that you and your guests will be warm and comfortable for any weather. The catering for your day should be in line with your winter theme. Warm, comforting food and drinks are what guests will be looking forward to after the formalities.

Hire a Professional Photographer

It’s important to hire someone who knows how to take photos in winter. When it comes to snowy or winter sunset photos, the lighting is different to summer evenings. A professional will also know the right timing for photos and will be able to get all of your photos done before darkness sets in.

Take advantage of the winter theme. Sparklers are a great way to send off the couple in the winter night. Dark, rich colors are perfect for winter weddings, leave the pastels for summer. There are many ways you can create a cozy, warm atmosphere to add to the romance of your evening for both you and yours guests to enjoy together.

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