A Winter Love Affair Balyna House wedding

Cheryl and Conor had a picture perfect love story, complete on top with a winter wedding. The two lovebirds met while pursuing their respective post graduate degrees in Trinity College, Dublin. Interestingly enough, the least romantic subject, science, brought the two of them close to each other. When the two sat next to each other for the first time in class, little did they know that they were going to sit next to their partners for life.

Cheryl states that the two of them began liking each other during the summer of 2009, and began dating each other in the September of the same year. Following a love affair that went on for almost a decade, the two finally tied the knot in 2016.


The Proposal

Cheryl states that the proposal was one of the most special days of her life, something that she will never be able to forget. Conor proposed to her on 23rd December, 2016. Cheryl recalls that Conor had requested that the two of them go to Bray from the city centre, as he needed some running shoes. They took a detour through the Dublin Mountains, and decided to go for a walk, despite the weather not being great. They decided to wait out the rain inside the hollow of a tree. There, over some champagne, Conor proposed to her. Cheryl herself calls the proposal ‘perfect’, and it surely seems so. The happy couple finally found their happy ending.

The Location

The location was decided from the beginning itself. Conor’s sister had gone to a wedding in Moyvalley, and having heard rave reviews, Conor decided to check out the place for himself. He fell in love with the venue instantly, and the couple decided to get married in the Balyna House, as it resonated with them immensely.

Moyvalley- Balyna House

An integral part of history, the Balyna House in Moyvalley is an old 19th century Italian mansion. Moyvalley itself is set among a 550 acre site in the historic location of Kildare. This luxury hotel and resort is the perfect venue for those looking to get married. He Balyna House in itself can house upto a 100 wedding guests, complete with luxury wedding suites for those guests who are coming from out of town. Part of what makes a Moyvalley wedding so special is the fact that the guests have the complete venue for themselves, without having to share it with other wedding parties. You have full access to all the facilities that the house provides, including the wedding hall, the dining room, the reception rooms, and the amazing cellar bar. All in all, the Balyna House provides a perfect venue for your happy ending.

The Favourite Moments of the Couple

The couple states that their favourite moment was when they saw each other on the altar for the first time. The moment they saw each other was surreal, just like a dream. Another moment which added flair to their wedding was the 5 inches of snow that they had to encounter on their wedding day. The snow was not a hassle, however, it was more of a cherry on the top of a perfect romance- the winter wedding of their dreams.

Furthermore, Cheryl adds that they did not have much of a theme for their wedding. Their only motivation was to make their guests have a fun time with lots of food. However, their speeches had a whole lot of references to the world of sci- fi, and their dinner conversation also centred on zombies. Certainly out of the ordinary, but undoubtedly full of love and magic. Just like their story.


Advice to Brides and Grooms

Cheryl says that the most important task that you should accomplish is getting a lot of sleep the night before your big day. Your wedding will surely be tiring, and it will not help if you are sleep deprived as well. Before the wedding, relax as much as you can, stay calm, and let others handle any problems which may arise. Do not stress yourself unnecessarily. And you will not be able to see everyone on your wedding. However, that is not an issue. Keep calm, and let yourself be prepared.

“A huge thank you to Pawel. We’re thrilled with his amazing photos. He’s so professional but puts you at ease and captured some beautiful detail/moments without us realizing. He is an artist as well as a gentleman. Couldn’t recommend Pawel more. Thanks again!”

Cheryl and Conor