Martinstown House Wedding Venue Ireland

When choosing your wedding venue, there are a plethora of things that come to mind. The look, grandeur, ambiance, and vibes emitted upon entry are just some of the main factors worth considering. Located in the heart of Ireland, Martinstown House exhibits the highest category of comfort, luxury, and absolute splendor.

This strawberry Gothic themed private estate comprises of a cottage ornée that is nestled and peacefully tucked into an immaculately maintained setting. From its own glorious mini-park to yards of lusciously green old trees and a well kept garden too, it’s sheer bliss for couples looking for something a little extra special. And trust us when we say this private residence goes above and beyond the mere excitement of a hotel.

Witness the true essence of a hybrid between a luxury hotel and a uniquely designed private residence estate

Wedding venues are supposed to be a blend of all things wonderful. And at the Martinstown House in Ireland, we can safely say that couples can get the best of both worlds.

Clients are given the most exclusive rights at the Martinstown House which comprises of great privacy across 140 acres of farmland, private parks, and mature woodland. The breathtaking walled garden deserves a special mention too. The cottage style countryside estate has six sophisticatedly designed bedrooms at the main house while the Yard House has a further three. These are some of the greatest options for couples who plan to host wedding parties.

The Drawing Room holds the capacity to accommodate wedding related events of around 60 guests, amidst the most intimate and regal surroundings. The vintage themed Indian marquee at the Walled Garden can host more than 240 guests at a single instance. Clients are also given the luxury of making use of the 1966 vintage flared VW campervan, to however they may wish to do so. Now that’s what we call a classic treat.

Classic historic architecture with sublime interiors is an unreal fantasy unleashed at the Martinstown House Wedding Venue in Ireland

Built during the 1830’s era, this Irish wedding venue is one of the few that have been created by the famous architect of the 19th century- Decimus Burton. While the bespoke exteriors are in a sublime league of their own, it’s the beautifully furnished interiors that exhibit a class apart from all others. And when this is combined with fabulous garden views and delightful woodland, there isn’t much left to be dreamt of for the perfect wedding day.

Break away from it all as you enter a relaxing realm of charm and breathtaking atmosphere

When you combine understated luxury alongside the charming comforts of a romantically unwinding atmosphere, you obtain something magical. And Martinstown House portrays just that and more for couples wanting to break away from the hustle and bustle of it all. This alluring wedding venue has been designed keeping classic and relaxing feels as a top priority. It’s no wonder why Martinstown House is termed as the country gem that’s not too far from the heart of Dublin.

The Martinstown House boasts of a culinary adventure that guests will reminisce for all the right reasons

Clients can find the private estate to attend to theirs and their guests every need. This includes simple luxuries as well as great attention to detail, guaranteeing the most comfortable stay. The fine garden comes ablaze with flowers during the summer time while providing fresh fruits and splendid vegetables for dining too. This homely feel is welcomed from every direction, giving cozy warmth that’s second to none.

The private residence takes great pride in its culinary delights, where fresh and natural produce is grown and cultivated on the residence’s premises. This includes herbs and poultry too while meat is supplied from an award-winning butcher. The freshest ingredients and intricate chef skills amalgamate to produce top-notch meals for diners to cherish in a serene celebratory atmosphere.

All weddings held at the Martinstown House have been made up of the most special and magical moments. They are a true compilation of individual memories that couples can cherish for years to come. Whether it’s the warmth and coziness emitted from bright sunshine or the splendid night sky full of stars, this Irish wedding venue strives to create a culmination of exceptional episodes in time.