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“…we didn’t want anything too posy or old fashioned.. when I found Pawel I loved his work instantly.”


                 Everyone who ever planned a wedding before will tell you that it is absolutely not cheap to plan a wedding. With so many different areas that have to plan for it not surprising that even a basic wedding will set back the family who is planning a wedding 20’s of thousands of euros. This often leads a couple to figure out how to cut costs in order to save as much money as possible. According to all of the research we have done for this article, one area that some people choose to cut corners is the wedding photographer. This may not necessarily be a good idea, at least according to many experts in the wedding industry Ireland. With so many horror stories and news reports posted online about poor results from using second rate photographers by a couple looking to save money.

When it comes to the magical day it is the pictures that will help you and your spouse remember all of the important things that happen. This is why it is extremely important for you to form a really good working relationship with the person chooses to be the person to take these very important pictures.

Important factors to a good relationship with a photographer

Be sure that you will be able to check the photographer galleries, follow instagram, have a skype call or meeting in person. The better your relationship is with your photographer the more likely that you will be satisfied with the results.  It is also one way to virtually ensure that you will not become one of those unhappy couples that either do not like the pictures that were taken or even worse, not get anything at all.

           ”  On our big day , Pawel’s calmness kept me calm, and not at any time did I sense any nerves relating to the shots so trust and leave it in Pawels capable hands – he knows exactly what’s right for your day and what style will suit you both. I couldn’t imagine Pawel not being part of my Wedding Day as he blended in so well & I have fond memories to last a lifetime”


Trust needs to be built between you and your photographer

Trust is also extremely important when it comes to working with your wedding photographer. Being able to put all of your faith that they will be able to capture all of the most important moments of your big day. There has to be a level of trust that is developed between you and photographer so that you do have to micromanage all of the specific shots. Most wedding photographers are highly experienced and are likely able to anticipate many of the shots that you will be wanting them to take. 

The more trust that you build between yourself and the photographer that you choose, the better that you can expect your wedding day experience will be.

“He always tried to capture the best of every moment”

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Comfort zone is the key

          I begin my photography by making you relaxed with me. When you develop your comfort zone with the photographer, you live the moment with each other and help the photographer do his job. Please go through my website and check the wedding photographs that I have taken to help me understand your preference for photographs. I am concerned about fulfilling your expectations because I know you put a lot of time an effort to plan the photography on your wedding day. Therefore, I keep myself humble and modest to make you the happiest on the most special day of yours.