Your wedding day is a special day that most dream of for many years. Unless you are a celebrity, you certainly won’t be used to having camera’s following you around for an entire day and night. It can be a little bit unsettling and can even cause a bit of anxiety on your wedding day. How do I pose? What should I do with my hands? Should I smile or be serious? so..

 How to Look Best in Your Wedding Photos

With so many questions and not a whole lot of time to capture the perfect photo, why not take a few precautionary measures to make sure you get the shots you have always wanted.

I have compiled a list of some tips to help you be prepared and to look your best to capture the most amazing memories on your wedding day.

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This is your day, enjoy it! There have been many worries and decision making leading up to your wedding day, your wedding day is where you let it all go and enjoy every moment. Enjoy your moments alone together as newlyweds, look into each other’s eyes and let your love for one another calm your nerves.

The best photos are captured when the bridal couple is relaxed and enjoying the moment without any worries.

Hair & Makeup

Both the bride and groom should have a hair trial before your wedding day, and the bride should include a makeup trial. This ensures that you know exactly how you will look on your wedding day and will eliminate any unwanted surprises. By doing a trial it will help you to feel confident on your special day that you are going to look the way you envisioned yourself to look. If your makeup artist allows touch ups, make sure they are close by to fix anything that may need fixing (weddings are notorious for tears).

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No Distractions – Get Lost in Each Other

It’s not always easy to control distractions but try to choose a location for portraits that is away from your guests, in an isolated area. Your portraits are some of the most intimate and special photos that you will capture on your day. Try not to overthink things and act naturally together. Focus on one another, have mini conversations and romantic moments as if the camera weren’t there. Get lost in these special moments and the rest will come naturally.

The best photos are usually those that are spontaneous and unscripted.

Don’t Limit Your Time

When planning your wedding day, make sure that you give yourself enough time to capture the portrait photos you want. Don’t limit yourself with a small time frame, rather have your ceremony a bit earlier to ensure you have enough time for portraits before your reception. Anything between 30-45 minutes once on location is a good time frame to capture some amazing shots. If you are having an afternoon wedding, take the sunset into consideration. You don’t want to be caught with the sun setting as you begin taking photos.

The best light is natural light!

If certain family shots are important to you, make sure you have scheduled those into your time.

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Strike a Pose

While I prefer natural looking photos, it’s always nice to have a couple who would like to “pose” a little :). Look for inspiration in other wedding photos to see what you like, tell your photographer.

Trust Your Photographer

Stop worrying about directing the photo shoot and leave it in your photographers hands. If you have followed my guide to picking the right wedding photographer for you, then you should feel confident that they will deliver the images that you want. Your photographer is a professional and knows how to work every angle and situation to make you look your best. 

Trust your photographer to do their job while you soak up every moment of your magical day.

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