The Iconic Ireland-Situated Horetown House Wedding Venue

Horetown House based in Ireland is the ultimate locale for couples seeking to host an exemplary wedding. Horetown House, which is situated in the rural area of Wexford, possesses the ideal surrounding for the experience of charming moments during wedding ceremonies. Horetown’s House availability is flexible to ensure the accommodation of different individuals. As such, Horetown House is accessible for one-day weddings. Alternatively, you can hire the Horetown House for two to three-day weddings maximally. The house implements strict guidelines regarding the number of weddings to host annually given the high demand of the location. Usually, Horetown House hosts weddings with guests totaling to 200 individuals. In every occasion, the house, as well as, the gardens become exclusively the responsibility of the guests for the duration allocated to them.

Besides enjoying an ample time, the staff at the household work towards ensuring that the coordination during your residence period is well planned. The styling and décor at Horetown House include the supplying of wildflowers from its gardens. Moreover, the staff at the house delights in styling your ceremony according to your preference. They are also happy to recommend exemplary vendors for the installation of props and flowers. Horetown House popularity, therefore, stems from its focus geared towards unleashing the tiniest details ensuring that your wedding ceremony becomes successful.

Horetown House offers not only indoor wedding spaces but also a variety of outdoor options. Individuals seeking natural weddings in Wexford Ireland can fulfill their wishes at the destination. Specific aspects that make the outdoor space exciting include the remnants of the aged walled garden whose settings are designed accordingly. Additionally, the clusters of trees act as an outstanding setting for other couples who exchange their vows comfortably under the shades. On the other hand, the White Room meets the expectation of couples hosting civic ceremonies.

Horetown House wedding venue