Outdoor weddings are always so beautiful and whenever I have a chance to attend a few, it always seems so different from the last because of all the opportunities that it offers. Ballyvolane House is a great location for that outdoor you’ve been planning for a while now and will definitely make your special day unforgettable.  

Ballyvolane House wedding

Barn Weddings in Ballyvolane House: What I Love About Outdoor Weddings

If you are thinking about having an outdoor wedding, Ballyvolane House has a great choice. Barn weddings in Ballyvolane House are quite popular with the venue being so nice and intimate. The barn is rustic with lots of character, while also being exquisite. What I love the most about weddings at Ballyvolane House is the feeling of being indoors without the constraints of a regular indoor venue. You still get lots of light and greenery.

Still not convinced that an outdoor wedding is great for you? Here are some reasons why I love outdoor weddings and always love barn weddings in Ballyvolane House.

  1. Mood

Outdoor weddings can be as casual or formal as you want them to be without you feeling like you are in a regular wedding venue. You could have a dinner-style buffet or a barbeque if you want. You could all sit down and play around with the dress code. That’s the beauty of being outdoors. You can do whatever you want and still have a great time at the wedding of your dreams.

  1. Entertainment value

You can have a night-long party with an outdoor wedding. Barn weddings at Ballyvolane House are an absolute blast! You can have anything from a ball room to a bare foot dance hall. There’s also so many space in the gardens that you can set up a play area for kids and another area for adults to have a great time after the wedding.

  1. Creativity

There’s a dining terrace that you can use for the main ceremony which can be decorated anyhow you want it. Because the location is so big and homely, there’s no limit to how you can get your wedding party to look. The lighting is also excellent with access to the garden area so you can incorporate as many themes as you like with the help of your decorator.

  1. Less facility requirements

Having your wedding at the Ballyvolane House is always a great idea because of the unique packages that they have in-house so that you don’t have to worry so much. There’s accommodation close by for you and your guests, glamping faciltiy, tables and seating facilities, lots of floral arrangements and everything else you could think of.