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How many photos do I receive?

Depending on the duration of coverage, I usually deliver around a minimum of 600 final and perfected images. All photographs are in high resolution without any watermarks.

Could coverage of the groom getting ready be included? 

Depending on the distance, that should be discussed prior to the wedding but if you are getting ready in the same venue ill be able to capture both.

Do you do family photographs?

Yes, I do family photos at every wedding. It usually only takes 15 minutes.

How long will we spend on portraits?

I usually recommend allotting at least  20-30 minutes with just the two of you. If you want to go crazy and drive to the “top of the hill”, then it will take longer, but man, I love taking those adventures with you and I know you won’t regret it.

Do you edit pictures after? Any Photoshop involved?

Yes, every photo is post-produced. It takes us photographers hours and hours to make them perfect for our clients and I will work hard on each photo.  You will receive all photos within eight weeks time. If you have further requests beyond the final images delivered, those will be charged separately.

Can I send you recommendations on what photos to take?

No, please no. ;)  You are choosing to hire me for my style and I am so excited about that! I work in the background and seek to capture your day as it is happening. I do not create any specific moments and any photo list would distract from the genuine moments of the day and kill my photographers instinct. (other than the normal family portraits and items that are part of “usual” wedding day coverage

I’m getting married abroad, how much do you charge for a destination wedding?

I love to travel, so I would love to hear what you are thinking and I charge my standard rate, plus two nights of accommodation in a hotel the night before and after the wedding, as well as a airfare stipend depending on your destination distance.

Do you bring a back-up camera?

Yes, of course. I use three full frame cameras, 8 lenses, …and plenty of batteries! : -)

How do I book your services? How much is the deposit?

Once we solidify your date and that I am indeed not yet booked, I will send you a contract and then your date is fully secure with two things in place: a deposit and signed agreement. I cannot hold your date provisionally, as I have too many requests for bookings daily. The deposit/booking fee is around 400euro