Two days wedding celebration at the Dromoland castle – Jessica & Kenneth

Weddings at Castle Dromoland



Dromoland Castle is a spot that presents an abundance of scenic photo opportunities and a great spot to hold the wedding of your dreams. A wedding at Castle Dromoland cannot be in lack of the best backdrops for wedding photographs. Dromoland Castle is one of the most sought-after destinations in Ireland so, holding your wedding here is indeed an adventure for you and your guests.

Dromoland Castle is a luxurious hotel that has everything there is to find at a castle. From the drive into the property, everywhere is surrounded by lush fields of green grass. There is a glassy lake on the left and a golf center on the right. The drive ends with a cul-de-sac right inside the castle. Dromoland Castle is a 5-star hotel, and there is are no doubts that you will be spoilt for choice on what part of the property to use for your wedding photo-shoot. There are lots of photo opportunities, scenes, and locations.

For weddings at Castle Dromoland, the hotel provides the couple and their photographer two gulf buggies that will take them around the castle so they can capture beautiful photographs at the different fantastic sceneries on the property. There is so much ground to cover which you cannot possibly do on foot hence, the need for the buggies. A wedding ceremony is celebrating love, and with a couple in love, there are no bounds to how many beautiful photographs can be taken. The atmosphere is always electric and the experience is one you will not forget in a hurry.

Let’s not forget to talk about the food and menu. The quality of food at Dromoland Castle is fantastic. Your guests can be treated to an impressive variety of dishes. The Doolin Bay White crab with potato salad and avocado can serve as starters while the mains can include slow-cooked salmon or Irish beef. You will be provided with different types of soups, salads and meat dishes and your guests will no doubt get something that will leave them glad that they attended a wedding at Castle Dromoland.

The rooms at Dromoland Castle are all filled with bespoke furniture in the spacious suites and staterooms. It is a home away from home. You and your guests are in for a treat and a lot of things to make you all comfortable from twin rooms, double rooms, family rooms, room service, mini-bars, handmade chocolates, fresh flowers, champagne delivery, etc.

The day after the Wedding

You have tied the knot, you have taken amazing photos, but celebrations for weddings at Castle Dromoland continue into the following day. The couple can enjoy the luxurious spa in the castle which consists of six treatment rooms, one outdoor hydro pool, two pedicure, and manicure rooms. This is a great way to rest after all the activities of the previous day. Other activities at the castle include playing golf, horse-riding, and cycling. You may as well cancel your honeymoon plans and stay back at Dromoland Castle. Weddings at Dromoland Castle are never to be forgotten in a lifetime.