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            Who doesn’t want to immortalize one of the most important days of a person’s life?

The act of getting married to the person you love. Iam photographer who offer photography services at weddings. As per my experience with couples of the modern day and age, we have come to understand that most couples today do not desire photography that is done in the traditional style. Most traditional photography for weddings is comprised of bleak poses and orchestrated frames. Owing to us being in constant conversations with modern day couples, making this assumption is fairly accurate. What I have come to understand is that most modern couples are in the lookout for photography at weddings that are done with a modern approach. Fun and styled sessions of photography, capturing moments that are real and meaningful is what is sought after the most by modern couples. Yes, these wedding photography sessions might consist of you posing once in a while for a hug or a kiss, but the main difference from the bleak poses of traditional photography will be that the smiles and expressions in these frames will be real and candid. The correct word that should be used in order to define this modern way of posing for your wedding photos is ‘art direction’, and we like to instill its essence in every project that we do.

The main focus lies on allowing the bride and the groom to enjoy their special day, while also having great photographs of theirs being clicked while they are having the fun of their wedding.

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          I would like to reiterate over here that I am not a wedding photographer that follows traditional methodologies while clicking your wedding day photographs. My belief lies in creating a frame that speaks of honest images that have been obtained in the most natural settings and scenarios.  The imperfect realities of life, with the tear and the nervous look, or the windswept hair, the occasional rain or a stolen glance at your lover are the elements that make up the essence of my photographs.

          Creating emotions that are authentic and not pre-meditated is what makes my wedding photographs stand out. Your wedding photography should not be stealing you away from the delight of the day, but rather should be something that adds value to it.

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                When it comes to family photos during weddings, I believe that it is an intrinsic part of the event, and although I celebrate the idea of creating natural moments, I believe that a family photo that has been particularly planned for the day is a must. I also believe that family photos are something that modern couples want to spend the least time behind and therefore I have a key selection of 6-8 photos that I believe encompass the idea of family photos the best and will help you decide upon the perfect frame that you would like for your mantle piece. Although, no two weddings are the same and I do have to agree that there are exceptions and variations to this occurring commonly. My main focus lies in getting the family photos clicked as quickly as possible so that the happy couple can go and immerse themselves back into the festive fervor of the day.

A commitment to a documentary style of approach when it comes to my wedding photographs, depicting the entire day of the couple getting married and making them share smiles and feel comfortable rather than having to pose in a stiff and uncomfortable manner is what I believe makes my wedding photographs special and worth your trust and investment.

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