Coolbawn Quay Wedding Venue

Nestled among the beauty of nature, Coolbawn Quay is the idyllic spot to get married. Tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle of Tipperary, this Quay is an old timey deck and harbour, resplendent with mooring boats. The location is perfect for your wedding reception, for taking amazing photos by the waters, for getting in guests to the Quay by boat, and for creating memories for a lifetime. If you have always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding, hidden from the outside world, then Coolbawn Quay is the perfect spot for you. If you are looking for an especially intimate and a personal wedding celebration, only with families and friends, then Coolbawn Quay Village is the correct place for you.

The Village

The Coolbawn Quay has a whole wedding village attached to it. Perfect for a capacity of 120 people, the village ensures that your wedding is the extravaganza it should always be. In addition, bookings are usually made for two days, ensuring a fun getaway for all your guests. However, there are a number of wedding packages for you, so that no matter the number of days you want to stay, you will have everything that you need, all ready for you.  The Coolbawn Quay is like a quaint little village, with a number of cottages for your guests scattered all over, amidst trees and ponds. Furthermore, there is a Clubhouse as well, perfect for a social gathering, kind of like a village centre. The focal point of the Clubhouse is the barbeque, which usually takes place as an even before or after the wedding.

The reception of the wedding takes place in the Lakeshore Pavilion. With a capacity of about 220 guests, you are sure to have the time of your life in the location. Classy, simple, elegant and understated, the Lakeshore Pavilion is the perfect spot for a reception party, something which looks like it is straight out of a story book. The magical hall is resplendent with twinkling bright lights, a number of romantic candles, strewn with beautiful bouquets of flowers all over. The Lakeside Pavilion is all about elegance and love. From the moment you step in to the place, you are transported to a world of opulence, with just you and your partner to enjoy an evening of love, life, and a hopeful future.

Things to Do

Hidden all over in the leafy lanes and the meandering paths are a number of fun activities for you and your guests to enjoy. No matter how your guests want to enjoy, the village will be more than enough to cover all of their needs. From fishing expeditions to spa therapies, the village has a lot to offer. Otherwise, you can simply walk through the village, revelling in the beauty and the wonder around you. A popular spot for everyone who visits this location is to check out the amazing, awe striking, and inspiring Coolbawn Quay. Once you visit the location, you are guaranteed to not want to leave. The Coolbawn Quay not only has amazing opportunities for photos, but it also brings you closer to nature in a way that you have never experienced before. Being up close and personal with nature is a boon that not everyone gets. It is also one of the main reasons why the Coolbawn Quay is as popular as it is.

A Celebration of Love

Truly intimate and private, the Coolbawn Quay is the perfect celebration of love. The spot is perfect for all those who do not want to go over the top with their grand declarations of love, but instead, just want to show their partner what he or she means to them. A flawless wedding location, the Coolbawn Quay is just what every couple needs to show each other their feelings. A thoroughly picturesque place, you will be able to create memories of a lifetime wherever you are. As a joyous occasion which is celebrated just once in your life, you would want everything