The Wedding of Jean and León – Cloughjordan House


The Journey of Romance

For Jean and León, it was an instant connection at first sight. The physiotherapist and the urban planner were not destined to meet in a conventional manner. Jean caught León’s attention as she ‘accidentally’ poured a glass of wine on him. But as all good stories do, this tale ends in a date at Ray’s Pizza that same night.

This wonderful love affair went on for an awe- striking four years, seeing nothing but highs and more highs all the way through. Finally, León proposed to Jean on May 2013. The proposal was as much of a journey as their love had been. They had been living in Vancouver, and León sent her a package which was apparently from Ireland. The envelope wanted Jean to open the package at the Jericho sailing club, and together, they cycled to the destination. At the Jericho Sailing Club, Jean was presented with a treasure map which led to the beach.  León then presented to Jean her prize- a mini treasure chest with an engagement ring inside!

As Jean and León are both Irish, they wanted a wedding to represent the cultures and traditions in Vancouver. Since this was by no means an easy task, they researched a lot to find the perfect location, even enlisting the help of their family. Finally, they zeroed in Cloughjordan House in Tipperary.

Cloughjordan House wedding venue 

This top rated, 5 star wedding venue is the perfect place for any couple to start their married life. With an 800 year old manor as the backdrop, you are sure to witness an idyllic and serene wedding in this location. The location is used as a cooking school for students, so you can be assured that you will be getting nothing but the best from the future chefs of the culinary world. Furthermore, most of the food is home grown and cultivated in the House itself. This ensures that you get nothing but the absolute goodness of nature in every bite.

The house has been standing since 1214, with a colorful and a varied history. Thus, by default, it becomes a perfect venue for anyone who is in love with the days of yore. In every nook and corner of the estate, you can be privy to some of the most amazing times that have gone past, as is evident by the ancient tree out front. In 1922, state soldiers would practice their target on the tree, and evidence for that still stands today. Walk a few steps in the shoes of the old owners, the Hodgins and the Bakers, and live their life, even if it is just for a few days.

The Staff

One of the best aspects of the Cloughjordan House is the staff, something that makes the wedding so memorable for every couple. On your wedding day, the House will make sure to employ its maximum number of staff, ensuring that you do not face any hassles at all. A prime example of their courteous behavior was experienced by Jean and León at their wedding. Jean’s father forgot his suit shirt back in Dublin. Lucy from Cloughjordan House went back all the way home to get a shirt especially for Mr. Lewis. This incident is a fine example of the level of commitment that the staff of Cloughjordan House possess. This is exactly what makes the people of the House so lovable to every single customer who crosses their path.

The two lovebirds are extremely optimistic about their prospects of the coming days. Their fairytale love story was a grand attestation to their romance- and they hope that the remainder of their life will continue to be so. The couple states that without the help of Sarah, Peter and Lucy from Cloughjordan House, their day would not have been such a success. Their wedding speeches were as spontaneous as their first date- totally underprepared, but still full of love and light. If you are preparing for your wedding, the couple advises you to completely priorities your wedding, and keep other matters at bay. You should always know why you want to get married. Stick to your personal plans. And obviously, do not stress. It is your big day. Make sure it is full of love.