The Wedding of Jean and León – Cloughjordan House


The Journey of Romance

For Jean and León, it was an instant connection at first sight. The physiotherapist and the urban planner were not destined to meet in a conventional manner. Jean caught León’s attention as she ‘accidentally’ poured a glass of wine on him. But as all good stories do, this tale ends in a date at Ray’s Pizza that same night.

This wonderful love affair went on for an awe- striking four years, seeing nothing but highs and more highs all the way through. Finally, León proposed to Jean on May 2013. The proposal was as much of a journey as their love had been. They had been living in Vancouver, and León sent her a package which was apparently from Ireland. The envelope wanted Jean to open the package at the Jericho sailing club, and together, they cycled to the destination. At the Jericho Sailing Club, Jean was presented with a treasure map which led to the beach.  León then presented to Jean her prize- a mini treasure chest with an engagement ring inside!

As Jean and León are both Irish, they wanted a wedding to represent the cultures and traditions in Vancouver. Since this was by no means an easy task, they researched a lot to find the perfect location, even enlisting the help of their family. Finally, they zeroed in Cloughjordan House in Tipperary.