Let Love’s Magic Work

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If you are cynical about the existence of love in today’s times; throbbing like an unnoticeable heartbeat underneath the banal layers of daily routine, knowing about the fairy tale love that blossomed between Norah and Ciaran might compel you to revise your opinion. This is not your typical run-of-the-mill, love-at-first-sight cliché that movies cannot seem to get enough of, but a love story fit for carving another genre of romance movies. One that incorporates time and distance to make the characters realize the latent feelings they have within themselves burning like glowing embers for the other. This is a love story that proves most heart-warming stories do not necessarily have to be inundated with melodrama and heavy-duty theatrics to make them work. Instead, it simply explains how love manages to surprise us in the most unsuspecting ways-in times and places where we least expect it.

The tryst

The first time Norah saw Ciaran, in August 2006, she knew that she was smitten. Although initially, the full intensity of her feelings for him remained unknown to her. At that time, Norah was working with Johnny, who also happened to be a mutual friend between her and Ciaran, a modern edition of Cupid, if you will. They met at a campsite where Norah was intrigued by a tall, dark and handsome boy with “floppy hair” and who wore a Captain America t-shirt “before it was cool”, according to her. The tall, dark and handsome boy, on the other hand, was none other than the male protagonist of the story- Ciaran, who had eyes only for the “cute, semi-brown eyed girl with the short hair” who he thought was “too cool for him”, which Ciaran self-depreciatingly admitted about Norah:”was not entirely false”. That evening went by in badinage characteristic of friendly conversations, and the warm realization on the parts of Norah and Ciaran of having serendipitously met someone they immediately liked.

The interlude

But, their fates were not locked with each other’s just then, as Norah was only eighteen and had begun college while Ciaran was about twenty two and had almost finished his. Both of them went their separate ways in lives until Cupid’s hat was worn by Facebook and its proverbial arrow was a friend request that Norah sent to Ciaran, which was immediately accepted. While Ciaran lived in Australia and the United Kingdom at that time, Norah was still in Dublin. Therefore, their only interactions were in the form of Facebook “likes”. They even crossed paths on the street once when Ciaran had visited Dublin, but it simply was not the time for them to realize how drastically important they were going to be for each other later in their lives.

Ten years went by (yes, you read that right!) without much incident in our protagonists’ lives, until Christmas in 2015 when Ciaran discovered that Norah was living in Ranelagh, while he was staying a little distance away. It was two months later in February 2016, that they agreed to catch up for a coffee date and have been inseparable ever since.

The proposal

Ciaran’s proposal to Norah was the most unusual too. Call it his meticulousness, but he always boasted of being equipped with a plan. However, things always found a way to not stick to the said plan, which always became something of a joke between him and Norah. Exactly what happened with his plan to propose to her. Ciaran had bought the ring with which he was going to propose Norah six months prior to the D-day. He took her on a weekend trip to the South of France where they planned to hike up the Nietzche Way in Eze. The exact spot at which Ciaran was to propose, however- The Cactus Garden of Eze-village, did not suit up to Norah’s tastes. So Ciaran had to improvise his decision and wait like a saint until lunch, after which in their trek downhill, they hit up a lonely place at the edge of a bay in their way. It was there, where just as soon as Ciaran went down on his knee to propose to his girl, Norah was struck by a multitude of emotions as she agreed to marry Ciaran with tears streaming down her face in numbing joy. The secret of Ciaran’s proposal was theirs for two days after which they collectively revealed it to their parents.

The wedding – Clonabreany House

And from that day on, the wedding preparations began in full gusto! Norah said that she wanted to be sure that no aspect of her wedding was left uncared for. Like a dedicated student aiming for a top grade, she enthusiastically delved into DIY’s and handcrafts, lending a personal touch to all decrations to be set up at the venue. Something to contribute to the day; the memory of which she, along with Ciaran, would have fondly carried throughout the rest of their lives.

Sadly however, the enthusiasm was pockmarked by the passing away of Norah’s father nine months prior to the wedding day. In his remembrance, florists from Brigid Riley and Fernwood Flowers helped incorporate her dad’s favorite flowers into the bouquet, keeping in mind that he too, was an avid gardener.

The couple wanted all of their wedding’s attendees to have absolute fun on their special day.  Norah and Ciaran had a lovely October wedding In Clonabreany House with the pleasant weather to accompany them in their celebrations. Formalising the event at The Orchard Room which in Norah’s words had an almost “Texan vibe” to its exterior and a “Celtic vibe” to its interior, they were sure no other place would have satiated their requirements of the perfect wedding venue. When asked about the most special component of their wedding day that would etch it in their minds, they mentioned the presence of friends and family who graced their event. All aunts, uncles and cousins of Ciaran made it to his big day. Nothing apart from this fact seemed of more significance to Norah and Ciaran. Norah said that she had wanted something “relaxed” and “classic”, yet which gave an opportunity for everyone to “dress-up and have fun”. Punk-heads at heart, the couple played heavy metal on their wedding-quite unusual for picture-postcard weddings of the day. But in the latter half of their special occasion, they switched to silent disco so that all attendees could enjoy themselves, getting a taste of what everyone appreciated.

After having pulled off such a successful wedding, when asked for an advice that they would like to share to others couples who were planning their wedding, Norah handed out the most simple of all wise advises :” Spend as much time as you can together on the day”. For partners to appreciate each other, they need to spend most of their time with the other. And what better day than their own wedding to make a start? Norah and Ciaran had danced all night long on their wedding, as a beginning of the luscious moments they would get to spend with each other throughout their marital life.

Happily ever after

For their honeymoon, the couple went to Bali to further consolidate their affection for each other. Since the long trip to the destination by road may be an exhausting one for you, Norah has advised to take a direct flight to the location. However, personally she loved every minute of her honeymoon journey. There, they toured temples, went quad biking, feasted on the exotic local cuisine of the place and when there was nothing better to do, simply winded down by reading books. According to Norah, no other way that she could possibly imagine would have made her honeymoon more perfect for the couple, and especially for her.

So this was a contemporary tale of love devoid of damsels in distress or princes on white steeds. There were no fire-breathing dragons, no tall turrets, no dramatic episodes of tragedy to strengthen the bonds of affection felt by the couple discussed. And despite all this, it may still have managed to bring a smile to your face and hopefully, dispelled your cynicism and skepticism towards the concept of love and how it thrives fully well in the modern-day world.

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