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Say Your Vows in City Hall- Dublin

The City Hall in Dublin is an interesting a unique location for a young couple to get married. A temple for eloped lovers in the beginning, the City Hall has now converted into an official location for hosting and catering to a wide variety of weddings. If you are looking to get married in style and elegance, you should look up the details of the City Hall. The venue is so popular that couples have to book up to six months in prior to get a date.


Booking a Date with the Finest Of Dublin

When you book a wedding at the City Hall, you can be assured of receiving nothing but the best in what the pompous architectural wonder has to offer. A domed ceiling, with sculptured marvels decorating the walls around you, the City Hall truly presents a feast to your eyes. However, the wonder has just begun. There are always 200 chairs all laid out, ready for guests, ensuring that no matter the size of your wedding; you will always have more than enough space for everyone concerned. Whether you are hosting a small get- together for your near and dear ones, or are planning a blowout extravaganza, the City Hall is sure to have you covered.

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Pointers to Keep In Mind

Getting married in the City Hall is surely a dream come true for a new and young couple. However, the Hall is an official government building. There are just a few facts that you should keep in mind before finalising your date with the most important location in Dublin:

  • The Hall does not have space, neither does it provide for a full evening reception. However, as a courtesy to the new couple, there is a customary one hour of a ‘reception’, with drinks.
  • You will get one hour before the ceremony in order to dress up the venue.
  • There will be a private room for the registrar both before and after the ceremony.

Ways to Personalise Your Wedding

  • In the City Hall, there are a multitude of ways to ensure that your wedding is personalised as and how you will love it. From the caterer to the table cover, all the decorations are completely up to you. Marrying at the City Hall does not sacrificing your personal style and taste in any way. There are also a number of Instagram and Pinterest accounts that you can look at, in order to get inspired with the most beautiful wedding decorations.
  • You can utilise the PA system if you wish, for playing songs from your personal devices. However, there are a number of live musicians present in the Hall, from string quartets to wholesome sets of acoustic music. The live music is sure to tug at your heartstrings, and make your wedding day truly a memory to treasure forever.
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However, since the City Hall is an official government building and not a traditional wedding location, there are a number of rules which you are expected to follow:

  • You are not allowed to bring in pets, unless they are for service.
  • Do not bring in decoration items which are hard to handle or are difficult to clean, for example helium balloons, confetti or rice. Such decorations not only have a tendency to leave the wedding location, causing a hassle to the people who are not a part of your wedding ceremony, but these decorations also get incredibly hard to clean up and dispose of in a proper manner. And for an official government building, it is not fit to find remnants of confetti all over the building.
  • If you are looking for catering for your event, do not hire a company which will cook on the spot. Open fires are prohibited inside the City Hall, or anywhere on its premises. However, if you are looking to deliver food, please be aware that the Hall will not claim any responsibility if your food gets taken by someone else.

A wedding in the City Hall is a classic dream for a lot of couples. Even with guidelines to follow, the bride and groom always have the time of their lives in the awe- striking hall.

Bridal Party in the city hall

photos by Pawel Bebenca – copyrights 2019