“Enjoy every minute of the day and all the love that surrounds you! The day goes by so quickly. Don’t forget to take a moment with your groom to look around and take it all in. Once you guys are happy, smiling and having fun – your guests will follow suit.” Louise

Out of all the elements, your wedding venue is the only thing that will help you in setting up the wedding in the perfect way. Without a proper venue, all your plans might go in vain. If you are thinking of choosing the perfect wedding venue for your wedding event, nothing can be better than the Caste Durrow.

Castle Durrow

If you love ancient palaces and building, Castle Durrow is the perfect place for you. Set up in an ancient 18th-century building, Caste Durrow can easily offer a timeless wedding setting for you. Surrounded by a superb garden, you can have a royal wedding here. If you are not sure how to plan the event, Castle Durrow can also do that for you. You can have your whole wedding planned for them if you are confused about what to do. You can choose either the indoor or outdoor venue for your wedding. The indoor venue comes with royal halls and rooms which can give your wedding a King and Queen like feeling with large curtains and windows shining rays of hope on the newlyweds. The outdoor venue is set up in the garden. The garden comes with long grass areas with natural pools and greenery all around.

The Garden

The garden comes with a spectacular natural environment which was set up almost 300 years ago. You can stroll around the garden with your better half and have some superb wedding couple photos. The courtyard is filled with David Austin roses that can give your wedding a bloomy red setup all around. Just ahead of the courtyard you can set up your orchestra with the walled garden background that looks like a decorated piece of picture. With orchards and ducks floating in the pool, you can give your wedding a native touch as well.

Restaurant and the whole event

You can enjoy your very first moment as husband and wife in the historic Castle Durrow. With the superb interiors and the perfect scenery, you can have the perfect pictures for your wedding. Greet your guests with a glass of champagne and create a lovely environment in the garden. Run upon the long steps and get the perfect wedding cover photo! After you are done with your wedding you can make your guests indulge in the exquisite meal prepared by the dedicated chefs from Castle Durrow. With this venue for your wedding, none of your wedding dreams will remain unturned. Greet your friends in the stunning suites and invite them for a royal breakfast the day after your wedding. In short, nothing can be better than Castle Durrow as a wedding event. Just set up the image in your mind and you can have it all in as you want in Castle Durrow.

Have your dream wedding at the Castle Durrow