Get Married At Ballymagarvey

Ballymagarvey is the best place for a lover of history to have their best day. An important and integral part in the history of Ireland, Ballymagarvey is over 800 years old, with a varied backstory surrounding it. The history of Ballymagarvey is what makes the location especially exciting. It tells the tale of war, famine, pestilence, escape, and peace. A tragic tale woven through the depths of time, Ballymagarvey is truly a splendour to behold.

The architecture of Ballymagarvey is truly a beauty to behold. Resplendent with Anglo Norman architecture, complete with rose covered arches and stained windows, Ballymagarvey is truly magnificence and enchantment. 

An Enchanting Wedding Location

From the moment you set your foot in the estate, Ballymagarvey will surely blow you away with its amazing presence and overpowering awe. There is something in the air, which you will never be able to understand, but you will never get such a feeling anywhere else. The air is rife with the history of what was, a wondrous history of a woman whose past was filled with mystery and magic. There is something absolutely powerful in the air, a mystifying reminder to always move ahead, as good things are always to come, if you just let them. Every cloud has its silver lining. If you wait long enough, you will get yours too.

The Ballymagarvey Mill

The Ballymagarvey Mill is the perfect indoor location for a young couple to get married. Absolutely stunning, the Ballymagarvey Mill is old timey and ancient in essence, yet like all things in the estate, completely resplendent with the hope of the future. The location is perfect for both intimate, as well as a large wedding party. If you are looking to get married in a location with both style and class, Ballymagarvey Mill is the place for you.

The Ballymagarvey Village

The Ballymagarvey village was once rife with the sounds of farmers, all working to make their living. In today’s time, however, there is nothing but peace and tranquillity in the air. The Ballymagarvey Village is amidst nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You are sure to feel different the moment you step into the place. The nature of the village is inviting, peaceful, and calm. You are surely going to hear nothing but the quiet murmuring of the river and it makes a slow meander up to its final destination. There are a vast number of cottages all around, which are perfect for a large number of wedding guests. With 20 hotel suites in total, you are sure to have more than sufficient space for all the guests who are invited to your wedding. The old estate of Ballymagarvey has been restored to the grand opulence and magnificence it was once known for, along with a number of modern amenities, especially for your convenience. Thus, you will never have any problems when staying in the Ballymagarvey estate.

A Complete Wedding Experience

The employees of Ballymagarvey go out of their way to make your day extra special, and an event to remember forever. This includes a lot of extra services, such as hosting a special dinner for the two families a day before the wedding- a small get together. Furthermore, a barbeque party after the wedding day can be conducted as well. However, if you are not one for lavish and grand parties, and are looking to relax the day before, the 5 star suites in the Ballymagarvey village will surely make your experience worthwhile. There are a wide number of rooms for you to choose from, all tastefully and exquisitely decorated, to make you feel like nothing but royalty on the eve of your wedding day.

Your Wedding Coordinator

One of the best things about the Ballymagarvey weddings are its wedding coordinators. They are all people who are well versed in the art of what they do, and are well equipped to answer all your questions regarding the estate and your marriage. In addition, the coordinator will always ensure that you receive all the luxuries that you deserve, no matter the budget. The wedding is your big day. However, Ballymagarvey sure knows how to make the day grand.