Alternative Wedding Photographer

All weddings are not the same. They have something uniquely different in them. Similar is the case with wedding photographers.

They have some special features to offer in their photography that brings life to the pictures. If we particularly talk about alternative wedding photography, it is you would decide the kind of pictures that you want. Your wedding photographer will work appropriately in the same direction.

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Relaxed Wedding Photography

Relaxed wedding photography follows a documentary approach. The meaning of documentary approach is unfolding your day after getting a documented in photographs. My focus would be more on capturing your feelings, an expression of emotions based on the moments taking place on your special day. Going by the strategy of pre-decided specific shots from a preordained list would be the last choice. I will have to voice my style of wedding photography using the following words:

Joy, Genuine, Creativity, Real, Spontaneous, Unposed

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Consistent Style of Photography

I always do justice with my consistent style in all the images that I take from dawn to dusk. Every love story has a different definition. I understand it must be reflected in the photograph also. Therefore, I follow different approaches to photograph different weddings. The Expectations of different couples and their families are also different and I try my best to cater to them in the best possible manner.

Photographs of your choice

It is more of collaboration between the three of us with my photography. As soon as I understand your expectation from the wedding photographs, I would share with my tips and guidance based on my experience of photography first. At the end of the day, you would be delighted with the final selection of your images.

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Comfort zone is the key

I begin my photography by making you relaxed with me. When you develop your comfort zone with the photographer, you live the moment with each other and help the photographer do his job. Please go through my website and check the wedding photographs that I have taken to help me understand your preference for photographs. I am concerned about fulfilling your expectations because I know you put a lot of time an effort to plan the photography on your wedding day. Therefore, I keep myself humble and modest to make you the happiest on the most special day of yours. I have also worked on preparing an online questionnaire that I send to my clients about 4 weeks before the wedding takes place. This is to ensure I take photographs that satisfy you.

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Your happiness: My satisfaction

As a wedding photographer, I have set my primary objective to provide you an experience of creating images that you love and get delighted with. The reviews from my previous clients send me on cloud seven. It gives me immense satisfaction when they say their wedding photographs reflect exactly what they wanted. You are most welcome to experience my style of relaxed wedding photography. I request you to go through what my clients talk about me and allow me to add value to your special day.

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Alternative wedding photographer