“..This day is not about anyone else but you and the love of your life. Make sure your opinions are heard, as they are the only ones that matter..”    

               Hello, thanks for stoping by, I am Pawel, wedding photographer based Dublin. I’m excited to produce unique and incredible experience for you.

          The main focus lies on allowing you to enjoy your special day, while also having great photographs of theirs being clicked while they are having the fun of their wedding. The imperfect realities of life, with the tear and the nervous look, or the windswept hair, the occasional rain or a stolen glance at your lover are the elements that make up the essence of my photographs. Creating emotions that are authentic and not pre-meditated is what makes my wedding photographs stand out.

           Your wedding photography should not be stealing you away from the delight of the day, but rather should be something that adds value to it.

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..awesome photographer and so fun to hang out with all day. We honestly thought we would find the whole thing a little awkward…couldn’t have been more wrong and loved every seconds.” 


..photographing awesome weddings in relaxed documentary style..

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Photography is my life and I invite you to browse through my site to get a better understanding of what it is that I do and how I do it.

If you like what you see and you are looking for photographer Ireland for your wedding day with relaxed approach that brings a mixture of documentary photography with touch of art please get in touch. Im looking forward to hearing about your plans.

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"In the words of my father, Pawel felt like someone we had known for ages. He was able to seamlessly blend into the crowd as to not disturb guests and somehow still able to produce great shots." 


Comfort zone is the key

          I begin my photography by making you relaxed with me. When you develop your comfort zone with the photographer, you live the moment with each other and help the photographer do his job. Please go through my website and check the wedding photographs that I have taken to help me understand your preference for photographs. I am concerned about fulfilling your expectations because I know you put a lot of time an effort to plan the photography on your wedding day. Therefore, I keep myself humble and modest to make you the happiest on the most special day of yours.

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"As for the photographs, they were everything we'd hoped for and more. The first time we saw them, they brought back all the emotion of the day... and, even now, we notice details we missed the first time around!" Aoife